Business Process Automation

Business is dynamic and we understand that an ERP system cannot remain static, which is why our solution is designed around giving you the agility to cope with ongoing change. Syncarp’s Business Process Automation software (BPA) forms one of the three integrated core components of Syncarp's BPA architecture: the process model (alongside the data and information delivery models). These capabilities add a further layer of proactive intelligence to our solution, allowing users to "discover and respond" to their specific situation and monitor the current state of the business.

How can it help?
Workflow provides visibility into company-wide processes and allows users to look up a specific employee's involvement, track and report task progress, identify delays and bottle-necks and review performance metrics. This helps organizations to adhere to operational policies and guidelines.

For example, Workflow can:

  • outline who approves what
  • enforce approval limits
  • build best practice into business processes and activities
  • define the number of authorizers needed to approve a high value item
  • require reasons and actions when an item is declined, such as the need for more documentation

What does it do?

Workflow offers a range of features and facilities, including:

  • automated reminders, escalations and alerts
  • workflow approval with automatic notification that a task requires attention
  • built-in reports to track performance and uncover bottle-necks
  • intuitive drag-and-drop design tools for simple building and managing of models
  • intelligent validation to ensure logically correct and error-free process models
  • version control and tracking of changes to review designs prior to finalization
  • Integration capabilities with external workflow engines, in order to push out messages and alerts