B/OSS ( Telecom )

Our team of professionals turns our years of experience into your solutions–solutions that work for you. Solutions which will help you accomplish your business objectives while realizing a quicker return on investments. Most of our solutions are available for prepay and postpay customers and we offer solutions for both the consumer and corporate market segments.

We have customer centered solutions: Innovation, Development, Deployment, and Testing.
Syscarp has knowledge of technical, operational, and regulatory requirements allow us to deliver robust telecom solutions for large enterprises. We are able to provide solutions for consolidated invoicing, detailed reporting, billing and live ticket submission and monitoring.

End of Results

Syscarp delivers immediate and sustainable cost efficiencies for our corporate telecom customers. Syscarp is able to secure the most competitive pricing across the entire product suite. We pass on significant hard dollar savings to our clients.
Finally the bottom of line Syscarp is able to ensure clients achieve further cost savings.

Telecom Challenges
Syscarp technical design and project management teams work under the direction of industry leading engineers to help clients uncover opportunities and optimize telecom infrastructures. Our experts understand the challenges of managing complex telecom platforms in highly matrix organizations. Our solutions also allow us to design efficient and cost-effective solutions.